How to download and play PUBG on your PC, Mobile, PS4 and Xbox One

PublicUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is also known as PUBG is one of the most popular battle royal games that you can find out there. Players from every corner of the world prefer to engage with this game. It was initially launched for PC, but later mobile version came out for Android and iOS. Now you will be able to play PUBG on a variety of platforms, including PC, Xbox One, iOS, Android and PS4.

How to download and play PUBG on your PC, Mobile, PS4 and Xbox One

You can play PUBG on your own, or with a group of friends. It can provide you with a rewarding experience at the end of the day. You just need to proceed with PUBG free download and it will provide you with this experience. Depending on the mobile device you have, you can also download PUBG for Android and PUBG for iOS. Then you can play the game with ease, even if you are traveling.

Understanding the PUBG gameplay

PUBG gameplay

Before you download PUBG, you should have a basic understanding about its gameplay. There’s nothing complicated about this game and any person can easily understand it.

The primary objective of PUBG is to become the last man standing in the game. You will have to kill others who play the game in order to become the last man standing.

When you are playing the game, you will be provided with a range of weapons. In fact, you have to keep on collecting these weapons from the island. Then you will be able to use them and play the game. However, you shouldn’t just stick to one place in the gameplay environment. You have to keep on moving and try to ensure your own defense, while killing others.

How to download and install for FREE PUBG on PC

  1. As the first step, you should download Bluestacks. You can download it from the Bluestacks website for free.
  2. You should then install and run Bluestacks.
  3. Once you open Bluestacks, you have to log in with your Gmail and access Google Play Store.
  4. Now you can search PUBG for Android.
  5. After locating the game, you can click on Install button.
  6. Now you will be able to install PUBG successfully. You can later access it from My Apps section.

Download PUBG for Android or iOS

You can visit Google Play Store to download PUBG for Android. Likewise, Apple App Store can help you download PUBG for iOS. It is a straightforward download process and you don’t have to do anything extraordinary.

PUBG Mobile for iPhone iOS

PUBG Mobile for iOS

PUBG Mobile for Android

Pubg for Android

Get PUBG for Xbox

If you are having an Xbox gaming console, you must be wondering if it is possible for you to get PUBG on Xbox. To do that, you should have an Xbox One Gold Subscription. Then you will be able to access Microsoft Store or Amazon store and get hold of PUBG game. You can select it according to your budget and choice.


PUBG is a game that you can play on your gaming console to receive an enhanced experience. This multiplayer game works perfectly on the gaming console and you will soon get addicted to it.

Download and Play PUBG on PlayStation 4

PUBG game is available for the people who own PlayStation 4 game console as well. Therefore, you can easily get it and play.

PUBG for PlayStation

If you are playing PUBG on your PlayStation 4, you must take a look at the Snow Map named as Vikendi.

PUBG Map Names


There are many maps available for you to access after you proceed with PUBG free download. SANHOK, MIRAMAR and ERANGEL are some of the most popular maps. In addition to that, you can also find a winter themed map named VIKENDI.

In all these maps, you can find a lot of confusing locations. That’s where you need to figure out the best heat map, vehicles, garages and boats, which you can use for your advantage at the time of playing the game.

In the MIRAMAR and ERANGEL maps, you can find a total area of 8×8 km. Likewise, the SANHOK map has an areas of 4×4 km, where half is filled with water. The newest VOKENDI map has a snow filled 6×6 environment.

Consumables in PUBG

You can find a lot of weapon or loot spawns in the PUBG game. However, they differ based on the map you select. SANHOK offers 19k, MIRAMAR offers 43k and VIKENDI offers 28k loot spawns. Along with that, bandage would heal the health of a player 10 times and the first aid kit can increase health of a player up to 75. Med Kit can make it increase up to 100.


You will also need to have a lot of power when playing the game. That’s where painkillers, energy drinks and syringes available in the game can help you with. An adrenaline syringe can boost your energy by 100%, a painkiller can increase it by 60% and an energy drink can increase it by 40%.

Dynamic weather in PUBG

When you are playing PUBG, you will be exposed to a lot of dynamic weather conditions. You can find rain and fog in the map. You will also be able tweak settings and play custom maps.

You are also provided with tactical landscape gaming mode in ERANGEL map, where you get shallow ridges and dirt roads. Weather is controlled automatically in the PUBG game.