PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS – Free Download, Install, Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, which is also known as PUBG is one of the best battle royal games available out there. Bluehole Studio has done an excellent job by developing this game. Now you can download and play the game in Android and iOS devices as well. If you want to play it on your Android device, you will have to get your hands on the latest PUBG APK file.

Before you download PUBG to your mobile, you need to make sure that you have enough specs and storage space in the device.

Mobile Requirements of PUBG

It is possible for you to play PUBG on over 500 different Android smartphone models available. You need to have at least 2GB of RAM in the Android device to play this game. In addition to that, you should also have at least Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or later.

If you want to get PUBG on iOS, you will need to have at least an iPhone 5S. In addition to that, you should have iOS 9 or later installed. Then you will not come across any lags and you can play the game smoothly.


PUBG Mobile Maps

There are four maps available in PUBG game. These four maps are named as ERANMGEL, SANHOK, MIRAMAR and VIKENDI. You need to have a solid understanding about these maps and the names. Then you will find it as an easy task to go ahead with your favorite map when playing with friends.

How to download PUBG on your iPhone or Android?

You can download PUBG for free from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you download, you have three different types of logins. You can play as guest, login from Twitter or use Facebook. You can use the same login to play on multiple devices and your progress will be saved.

How to install PUBG on your mobile?

  1. As the first step, you should download PUBG APK file from above link. Then you need to access Settings and tap on Security in your Android device.
  2. When you scroll down in security, you can see an option, which allows to install apps from unknown sources. You can tick it.
  3. Then you can open the PUBG APK file you downloaded. After following on-screen instructions, you can complete installation.

Install PUBG on Android

How to play PUBG in multiplayer mode?

Upon installation, you can play PUBG multiplayer on Android or iOS device. If you logged in using Facebook, you will be able to see all your Facebook friends who play the game. No matter your friends are on Android and iOS, you can play the game.

How to play PUBG with friends?

After installing PUBG on mobile, you will be able to play it with friends. Here are the steps that you should follow to do it.

1. Launch PUBG on the device.

2. You should select friends icon that you can find on the right hand side.

PUBG play wih friends

3. You have to click on “Add Friend”.

PUBG friends

4. You will need to enter the name and click on search. You have to enter the name of your friend in here.

PUBG add friends

5. Now you can see friend suggestions. You can tap on the Add button, so that you can add suggested friends.

6. You can type an optional message and send friend request.

PUBG with Friends

7. When your friend accepts the request, you can start playing.

Accepting friend requests in PUBG

When you receive a request from a friend, you will have to accept it. Then you can start playing with that friend. Following steps will teach you how to accept friend request.

  1. You need to launch PUBG game.
  2. Then you have to click on Friend icon on left.
  3. Now you will be able to see the friend request list.
  4. You can accept the friend request from here.

How to turn on voice chat in PUBG?

pubg microphone

You can stay connected with your friends on PUBG through voice chat. However, you should activate it. You will need to tap on mic and speaker icon on the home page before you start the game to activate this feature.

pubg microphone enable

How to send messages on PUBG

You can also send messages to other players when you are playing PUBG game. Following are the steps that you should follow to send out messages to others when you are playing PUBG.

1. You need to access main menu on PUBG game.

2. Then you need to tap on the friend list that you can find on left hand side. You should select the specific friend that you want to connect with.


3. Now you can select the option “Start a Chat”. This will open chat box, where you can enter your message and hit enter to send.

PUBG start Chat

Solo, Due, or Squad play in PUBG Mobile

Solo, Due, Squad play PUBG

On PUBG, you can get together with up to four friends and play. Or else, you can play alone or with another friend. You have to select the play mode before you start the game. You can see Single, Squad and Due icon right under the team selection.

How to change first person (FFP) view or third person view (TPP) on PUBG?


You can now play PUBG with first person view. You will have to click on Mode on Main Menu and tap on First Person Perspective and Third Person Perspective out of two options available accordingly. You will also be able to select Arcade and Classic play modes in here, based on your preferences.

Top 10 tips on PUBG to become the last man standing

PUBG is a game that determines your survival skills. Here are 10 useful tips, which you can follow when you are playing PUBG game to ensure your survival and become the last man standing.

Pick mode friendly clothes in PUBG

You need to pick clothes to play on PUBG game depending on the game mode you play. You need to understand that you are not going to a party or a fashion show. For example, if you are playing on Miramar map, you will need to pick a sand colored t-shirt. Likewise, you should select the clothes that can make you invisible on the map you select.

Pick a low competitive and more loot region in PUBG Maps

PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS - Free Download, Install, Tips and Tricks

When you are landing in the PUBG map, you need to pick a low competitive and more loot region. Then you will be able to find more consumables, weapons and other stuff. In addition, you can get quickly ready before you get shot.

Follow the map in PUBG

PUBG mobile map

You must follow the PUBG game map wisely when you are playing. You can see the live map on left hand corner on top. When you take a look at the map, you can easily track your enemies, follow their footsteps and go for gunshots. You must never take your eyes away from the map.

How to Enable Peek and Fire in PUBG

Peak and Fire is not enabled in the game by default. You should visit basic settings and enable it. Then you will be able to hide your body and only allow your head to be shot. Once you activate this feature, you can also see two different body icons on the left of screen.

Peek and Fire

Peek and Fire

Connect with the squad and use Headphones

pubg footsteps sound

You should use your headphones and maintain continuous communications with the squad while playing PUBG game. You will also be able to hear enemy footstep sounds and sounds of gunshots with ease when you are using headphone. Then you will be able to make strategies with friends to end up with positive results on the game as well.

Keep on moving in PUBG

Keep Moving

pubg parachute

You should never stop when you are playing PUBG game. If you do, you are allowing another person to take a perfect headshot. You need to understand that there are lots of enemies around you and you will have to keep on moving at all times.

Avoid gun fights strategy in PUBG

Avoid Gun Fights

Avoid Gun Fights

Getting into a gun fight is not the best choice in most of the instances. It increases your chances of getting killed. Therefore, you should take appropriate measures to avoid gun fights at all possible instances.

Pick up and use silencers for your gun in PUBG

silencers pubg

When you are playing PUBG, you will come across many different types of guns. Before you trigger to shoot someone, you need to be mindful about the noise generated. Another person can easily track you with that noise. That’s why you need to think about getting silencers. You should look for appropriate silencers for the gun before you play.

Lie down when you are looting the enemy crates

Looting Enemy Crates

When you kill another player, you will come across the need to raid crate. While you do it, you should always lie-down. That’s because other people will not see you are doing it.

Play on the edge and hide in bushes

Play on the edge and hide in bushes

During the last few circles, you are encouraged to play on the edge. Then you will be able to get a better view of the surroundings. In addition to that, you can reduce chances of getting killed from behind.

Final Words

Now you are aware of many things about PUBG game. Go ahead and play the game to catch all this excitement.

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