Can a PUBG match end in a draw or 2 Chicken Dinners?

winner winner chicken dinner pubg

We will analyze a situation that raises a number of questions. Let’s say a player is in the TOP-2. The end of the game is nearing when the circle is completely closed. But the rival cannot be found due to the fact that the “living” zone is partially located in a building with three floors. Until the last minute of the match, thanks to bandages, the character’s life can be saved. But in the end, the game assigns one player the 1st place, and the second – 2nd place?

Could a PUBG match result in a tie?

The game PUBG is built in such a way that the winner in any case will be one. There is no draw in the PUBG match, either between single players or between competing teams.

These words have a vivid video confirmation posted on the YouTube

The whole point is that in this game it is impossible to die simultaneously for two different players. Fractions of a second are counted. Even when both players die from the explosion of one grenade. The player who committed suicide does not win the game, as he will be the first to suffer from a grenade, although the fate of the opponent is not a rosy result, which is death.

Moreover, if both players who remain are killed by the “dead zone”, then someone will surely get into it earlier, and someone later.

Even if the difference is milliseconds, PUBG will still choose the only winner.

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