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PUBG for Xbox One

Once you start playing a game in PUBG XBOX ONE, you will immediately understand why millions of fans love an exciting online shooter. In the article we present a complete guide to the game, the rules and share with you the secrets of victory.

PUBG XBOX ONE – the game of the future

PUBG is finally released for the Xbox One platform. The creators of the game PLAYERUNKNOWN´S BATTLEGROUNDS, evaluating the stunning success of this game on a PC, which scattered over a circulation of 20 million copies, made some improvements, as a result of which the popular game PUBG can be played on Xbox One.

Development assistance was provided by renowned companies such as Microsoft Corp and The Coalition, creators of Gears of War 4.

At the moment, the game continues to be developed. But right now, you can buy a copy of PUBG Xbox One Preview at the Amazon store and enjoy the new product immediately.

PUBG Xbox One Price


To buy a game PUBG for XBOX ONE can any user at a price of $ 25.45. This will be the preview version of PUBG Xbox One from Amazon. The second option is the Microsoft Store online store, in which the game costs $ 29.99.

Where exactly to buy a copy of the game, everyone’s personal choice. The only thing that is very important is that your gadget must have at least 1,053 GB of free space.

PUBG Xbox One Gameplay

pubg xbox gameplay

In short, PUBG Xbox One is an exciting, adrenaline-causing battle or online shooter. You can fight for life alone or as a team. You will be thrown to the island on which your goal will survive, to remain the only player on the map. You will face 99 players.

The territory of the island will narrow over time, thereby complicating and complicating the game of survival simulator. The game is famous for well-thought-out ballistics, a huge amount of weapons, equipment. This is a real battle for life and death. Success depends on your equipment with weapons and well-thought-out tactical course of the game.

PUBG is a game in which you yourself build a plot. Attracts unobtrusive visual style and pure gameplay, from which nothing distracts.

How to Play PUBG on Xbox One

We suggest you study some aspects that will help you play the game effectively.

Basic Control for PUBG on Xbox One

Basic Control for PUBG on Xbox One

How to Aim in PUBG on Xbox One

Download PUBG for XBOX One for FREE

How to Control Vehicle in PUBG on Xbox One

How to Control Vehicle in PUBG on Xbox One

How to Swim in PUBG on Xbox One

How to Swim in PUBG on Xbox One

How To Manage Map in PUBG Xbox One

How To Manage Map in PUBG Xbox One

How to Manage Inventory in PUBG Xbox One

How to Manage Inventory in PUBG Xbox One

PUBG on the Xbox One bears great resemblance to the PC version. The game has three maps. Of these, the new one is Sanok.
It’s interesting!

Previously, before the start of the game, you can go to pubg map and gather there invaluable information that is useful for developing game tactics. You can learn more about the area for the battle, the location on the map of vehicles, boats, a garage and much more.

Equipment and weapons in PUBG for Xbox One

PUBG Xbox One Weapons

pubg beryl m762

You can remain the last survivor if you have the appropriate equipment and weapons. This is the main condition that will lead to victory. Therefore, every gamer should know that in the game PUBG Xbox One is available:

  1. Beryl M762 is a universal assault rifle. She appears on the levels of Erangel, Miramar and Sanok. The Beryl M762 uses 7.62 mm ammunition and can load up to 30 rounds (40 with an extended magazine);
  2. Beryl has upper and lower rails, which simplifies the sight and grip;
  3. Added a new two-seater car, Scooter, which is exclusive to Sanok;
  4. Scooter replaces motorbikes with Sanok. Compared to the current motorcycle, the Scooter has a lower speed and an extended turning circle.

PUBG for Xbox One Disadvantages

Since PUBG on the Xbox One is available in Preview, you will feel like playing a game with a low level of graphics. This is a definite minus, which can only be tolerated. Xbox One X only launches the game at 30 frames per second, not the 60 frames per second that you see on your PC.

PUBG for Xbox One final version

The exact release date for the full version of PUBG Xbox One is not known today. Neither Microsoft nor PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS has any confirmation regarding the release of the final stable version of PUBG Xbox One.

But it doesn’t matter! Today you can enjoy the preview version of the game. You will get the opportunity to become an expert in the conduct of the royal battle in advance, the full version of which will be released later. If you started playing PUBG on the Xbox One, we’d love to hear from you.

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