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PUBG for PlayStation 4

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for a very long time was languishing with the expectation of its fans, and finally, introduced the PUBG for PS4. What is a novelty? We will try to deal with this issue below in this article.

What is PUBG PlayStation 4?

Before you plunge into the world of digital reality, you must understand that the PUBG PS4 is not just a video game, it is a real royal battle. The genre of the game is action / shooter. You will face 99 other players. Everyone’s goal is to survive! So, how to stay the last surviving person on the island? How to resist in a fierce battle? Interesting? We will reveal some secrets to you, and everything else will depend, of course, on your chosen tactics.

How to play PUBG on PlayStation 4

After downloading the PUBG PS4, you will need to select one of the available maps, or rather the game options:

  • Erangel;
  • Miramar;
  • Sanok.

Depending on personal preferences, you can choose a game alone, in a duet or team. You have to start with a parachute jump. Track where your enemies have landed and immediately head to the shelter.

Collect the maximum number of weapons, protective equipment, first-aid kit, grenades, cartridges and much more. The more suitable weapons you have, the higher your chances of winning.

By the way! You can constantly monitor the amount of equipment, and if necessary, even buy it. To do this, you can visit the special store, which can be found in the upper right corner of the lobby screen. The necessary currency for making a purchase in the game is G-Coin.

The peculiarity of the game is that the territory of the island is limited and over time it narrows. Therefore, always remember the so-called “circle” on the map. You can not be beyond it, as your hero will receive great damage. So take it as a rule – under no circumstances should you stay in the blue zone.

Everything else depends on your strategy and gaming skill. With the best deal, you must kill all the other inhabitants of the island and get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

Quick Start Guide: Lobby and Controller

PUBG PlayStation 4 Lobby

Also, before you start playing PUBG PS4, you need to familiarize yourself with its technical characteristics and settings:

1. The user can choose one of four game queues: Solo, Duo, Squad and 1-man Squad (play alone in a match against teams of 3 or 4).

2. You should also decide on the future. It can be from a third party (TPP) or first-person perspective (FPP).

3. Start the match with the Play button.

4. In PUBG PS4, a training mode is available.

PUBG PS4 Player Style

Also, the game settings are interesting in the ability to adjust a wide range of views, the choice of gender of the hero. Even choose your own character hairstyle, clothes and makeup.

PUBG PlayStation 4 Store

You can set your preferences for controls, gameplay, audio and graphics in the settings of PUBG PS4.

PUBG PS4 Settings

PUBG Controller Guide for PlayStation 4

In the game you are waiting for 5 different controller circuits for different scenarios:

  • basic;
  • target;
  • vehicle;
  • swimming;
  • map.

In Basic mode, there are some changes. A preset called Type B is available in it. It has an L2 button. Holding down the key will cause your character to switch to ADS mode. And if you click on L2 once – your hero will begin to aim at defeating the enemy.

PUBG Controller Guide for PlayStation 4

PUBG Controller Guide for PlayStation 4

PUBG Controller Guide for PlayStation 4

PUBG Controller Guide for PlayStation 4

PUBG Controller Guide for PlayStation 4

PUBG Controller Guide for PlayStation 4

PUBG for PlayStation 4 Graphics

pubg graphics

PUBG PS4 is released with significantly improved and accurate graphics. Versions of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro support HDR resolution. The downside of PUBG PS4 is that the program does not support native 4k resolution. As a result, the game speed is 30 frames per second, and not 60. But as practice shows, these are minor flaws.

Price of PUBG for PlayStation 4

PUBG PS4 Price

If you want to buy a PUBG for PlayStation 4, then you will be interested in the price of the issue. The cost of the full version of the game is from $29. Free space on the computer will require 33.51 GB.

As soon as you load your first match, you will find a tense situation and a battle with 99 players like you.

The game PUBG PS4 is an exciting gameplay with an impressive game location, dynamic shootouts, an exciting storyline and beautiful animation. In the game PUBG PS4, you can sit for days and eventually become an invulnerable fighter.

Good luck in the game!

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