How is the PUBG Mobile ranking calculated? Supplies, Damage, Support

PUBG Mobile ranking calculated

In the game, the rating is indicated by the following symbols: B, B+, A, A+, S, S+, Ss, Ss+, sSs. Five indicators are also shown: survival, kills, support, supplies and damage. We will figure out how the above rating is calculated and what is meant by each of the indicators. Understanding these features of the game, you will have real chances to win.

Let’s start with five metrics. Each of which we will pay some attention.

Survival indicator in PUBG Mobile

The most important indicator that affects the player rating. And it costs twice as much as the others. Two factors are responsible for its formation: survival time and the number of people dying around, if you do not kill them.

Kills indicator in PUBG Mobile

This indicator is the most understandable. It is formed on the basis of the total number of murders that you committed.

Damage indicator in PUBG Mobile

This indicator shows how much damage was done to your character. At the beginning of the game, 325 points are credited. To save them, you need to protect your player as much as possible.

Support indicator in PUBG Mobile

This indicator is also called “Treatment”. This indicator is given so that the player has the opportunity to restore health. It even happens that the character hurts himself. So thanks to this function, the player can heal himself in order to raise the rating. This applies to a single player. In a team game, the value of the “Support” indicator depends on restoring the health of your player and teammates.

Supplies indicator in PUBG Mobile

The value of this indicator is directly affected by the availability of PUBG player supplies. The more supplies you collect, and the few of them turn out to be rare items that are valuable, the more points you will be credited.

The overall rating is calculated by taking the average between these indicators with 2 times the weight for survival. Based on these points, the estimates B, B+, A, A+, S, S+, Ss, Ss+, SSS are also formed. And they are already akin to school estimates. For example, sSs resembles a school rating of 95+ points.

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