Spawn Island – is it worth it to return there? Rare weapons – Assault Rifle

Looting Spawn Island pubg

The PUBG game begins by boarding a plane and landing on a battlefield. But, the lobby – the island from which another game begins, remains on the map, which means you can return there. Will we figure out the myths or is it true that on the island, while waiting, you can find large prey in the form of rare weapons, such as an Assault Rifle or get test weapons?

The game allows you to return to the island-lobby if you wish the participant in the bout. But there is no weapon there.

The only island lobby that can be useful is if you land on the northeast coast of the Main Island, then you will need to quickly find a boat and move to Spawn Island and return before the circle is compressed.

Well, regarding the extraction on the island-lobby, these gestures are dubious. Even the “test weapon”, which is at the stage of game setup, is deleted at the start of the match.

Advice! The main island has really huge reserves of loot: weapons, military equipment and much more. Do not waste time moving to the lobby island. Search in the main territory of the game.

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